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Thank you so much for stopping by to get to know me and my work! First, let me tell you about my beautiful and fun family of 5. I married the love of my life and my best friend John almost 15 years ago. Together we have three amazing children: artsy Avery is 14, charming Charlie is 10, and sassy Shelby is 7. We are an Air Force family and get a lot of joy from exploring the world around us. We've been lucky to have lived in Wyoming, North Dakota, Belgium, New Mexico, and back to North Dakota again as of Summer 2015. 

What I hope to accomplish with my photography is capturing the raw emotions in any relationship or situation. I strive to capture those in between moments, the moments that we want to freeze in time. Whether it be bear-hugging your little man, a line of drool hanging from the chin of your precious baby girl, or a fished-faced family shot, with the help of my camera I aspire to record these memories for you and your family.